The beauty of rain.

Day 9.  And today’s aim was to shoot the City ArtBoxes during the morning rush hour.  There were 7 to find. I’d wanted to leave at 8am but it was raining hard.  By 8.30 I decided to head off because the forecast predicted the rain would stop around 9ish. Hahaha!

My first stop was at the NSPCC headquarters where my missing box from day 3 was located inside their dry foyer.  The chatty receptionist told me that only one other person had photographed the box with the NSPCC logo in shot too. She was impressed.

The next 3 were behind Liverpool Street Station into two ultra modern new squares – Exchange Square and Finsbury Avenue Square (Yes that is right, I double checked it on a map.  But how can an avenue also be a square?)

It was now raining hard.  But I found that was to my advantage.  I hadn’t looked forward to this box from previewing it on Flickr in the sunshine.  That day, it glittered and came alive in the gloom.

Connected, designed by David Crow

I hopped on a bus to The Royal Exchange in the heart of the City of London.  From the 16th Century until 1939, it had been London’s centre for commerce.  The neoClassical building now houses luxury shops and restaurants for City workers.  This ArtBox Fabulous by Julien Macdonald was also dry, placed under the large portico.

In the square in front of the Exchange, I spotted another piano covered in plastic to protect it for the rain.  I must find out why there are pianos everywhere.

My final two boxes were also dry.  One was inside the BT Centre near St Paul’s – a purple version of Box Lounger.  And the other was inside the new shopping mall at One New Change.  In the mall, 3 teenagers were sitting on the box, smoking.  They didn’t look like they were about to leave, so I included them in my photographs.  One boy got upset.  From their accents and smart clothes they looked like visitors.  And when I pointed out that they were sitting on a work of art, they were fine.


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