Day 6 ArtBox hunt – post shoot

An enjoyable evening’s hunting.  5 new designs were on the list.  One was missing but I gained a bonus review of Colour Wash with its night time look.  From looking at the over all results my instinct to experiment was working,

Unfortunately the shots of COLDWARmHOTLINE didn’t work in such low light.  The box was quite darkly coloured and will look better in daylight.  Flickr helped me locate my missing box.  Of course it was in the opposite direction to the one I went in.  I’ll cover them both in daylight.

I revised my target total from the complete set of 82 designs down to 76.  Why?  Well one design, Jubilee by Ryan Callanan was replicated 6 times although only 5 copies made it onto the streets.  My Bankside shots were enough to satisfy me. For those interested the others were at Heathrow Airport T5, near Cavendish Square (Oxford Circus), on Baker Street and Duke of York’s Square in Knightsbridge.

And 3 were at far flung areas of London and very out of my way.  Lyric Square, Hammersmith (a 2nd Heart London box), Canary Wharf (Money Box inside Barclays Wealth) and Stratford (Fantastic Golden Wiggle Pagoda).  I very nearly went to the Stratford one because I loved the name.  But having seen it on Flickr and a lack of time/energy meant it was off the list.

Day 6. ArtBox hunt total found = 41.


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