Theatreland with a bit of Bloomsbury thrown in.

Day 4 of my hunt.  I had work in Holborn late morning to early afternoon.   11 boxes were on my list including one that I’d seen photos of online but which wasn’t on the map.  It was rather a thrilling one.

The Brunswick Centre, Bloomsbury, before work.  As I arrived the grey sky was shedding a light drizzle.  In the semi deserted shopping centre a buddhist monk was sitting near the flamboyant Andy Warhol influenced box.  He skittled off as soon as I got my camera out.  Shame.

Rangoli K6, designed by Natasha Kumar

The afternoon search started well.  The sun shone and it was great seeing Londoners enjoying their city. Ping pong and music filled the squares.  And plenty of ticks on my list.  The thrilling one was thrilling, if a little tricky to capture.  But…

Where were the ones around Leicester Square and Seven Dials??  I went round in circles.  Again my frustration burned.

This one at Cambridge Circus also proved a challenge.  A red box with coloured perspex knobs on that didn’t really show except close up.  Everywhere I stood lamp posts, traffic lights and other objects obscured my view. This was one of my solutions.

The Great Escape by Simon Le Ruez

It also proved a useful shot as part of this photographic journey which you’ll find out as it unfolds and my ambition grew.

My final boxes were at another circus, Piccadilly Circus.  The place was heaving with people and I didn’t feel inspired to linger.  But then I spotted this which made me laugh.

The bonus box. At Piccadilly Circus.

I went home with again mixed feelings.  Excited by some of my visual ideas and dying to download my shots. Disappointed that yet 2 more boxes were missing.  Would I find them on flickr when I got home?


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