Researching and postmortem on day 3

I needed better information.  The map provided gave the box names and their designers but it was a basic one, only suggesting where each box was.  I’d learned today that it wasn’t very precise.

I went back on-line and from Flickr and a fb community page, I discovered that I was a tortoise in the ArtBox hunt.  Some seasoned trackers were well on their way to completion.  But they had kindly labelled their spoils with precise locations.  And my missing box was near the NSPCC headquarters on Curtain Road.

Curtain Road!  That street sign name was there in one of my photos of the graffiti.  I had been so close! But where was the box? Nor had I noticed any NSPCC signage.

But I did notice something else from my photographs.  Shooting the boxes alone wasn’t enough for me.  It was the wide shot of the Boxpark signage, even on a mobile phone, which encourage me to be more ambitious on my next outing

Day 3 ArtBox total found = 20


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