The challenge is accepted.

I now realised that I wasn’t going to stumble across these ArtBoxes easily.  So that evening I downloaded a map from the BT ArtBox website.  And discovered there were at least 80 boxes to find!   My fb audience were excited by that.  They loved the pictures from day 2 and said,  “Find them all. You can do it.”  Okay, then I would.

So I had 82 boxes to find and they would be gone by 16th July – in 3 weeks time.

My other obstacle was a lack of money.  I didn’t have the finances to go off exploring on days off work.  I had to combine box hunting with planned trips into town.  It was all these obstacles which really drew me into the challenge.  I spent that evening making a list of where the boxes were, planning my campaign.

Day 2. Artbox total found = 15


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