Covent Garden revisited.

Day 2 of ArtBox hunt.  Though it hadn’t become a proper quest yet.  I was still exploring this idea.  I knew there were more in Covent Garden but I didn’t have a clear idea of where the rest were.

When I set off that afternoon after lunch, my main thought was would it be too busy to get good photographs of the boxes?  I’d really enjoyed the relative quiet of an early Saturday morning viewing. These ArtBoxes were camera magnets.  It was busy but not impossible to deal with. Even on that first Saturday I’d had to wait my turn to shoot.

Colour Wash by Rob and Nick Carter

I easily found all the Covent Garden boxes – in the next Avenue, in the far court yard and in front of St Pauls – the Actors’ Church.  Or should it be the Houdini Church?  Because there is always an escape artist putting on a show when I pass by.   How had I missed them before?  I’d run out of time and I wasn’t looking for them.

Harvey Nichols London, designed by Harvey Nichols.

I headed down The very crowded Strand but saw no ArtBoxes until I hit Trafalgar Square.

the three artists are Mandi Pope, Lauren O”Farrell and Lily Cole.

The sun and heat were fierce that afternoon.  I’m amazed I got such an empty shot because tourists were there in plenty.  They were eager to pose for friends and family but not for me.  I did my best and headed off to the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery where I expected to find more.  But there weren’t any.  Tired and over heated I’d had enough and went home.

The white box in the foreground was removed from display only a few days later and never returned to the streets.  Wrecking some of the collectors’ desires.

A slideshow will follow of all the day’s finds.


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